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2012-03-21 04:25 am

Master list of my fic

Master List of my fic... what?

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Big Bang 2009 Progress!
19324 / 20000 words. 97% done!
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2009-01-26 02:11 am

Fic: don't let the wrong one through the door (hard R) - Sam/Ruby, Sam/Meg!Demon.

title: don’t let the wrong one through the door
charactes/[airings: Sam/Ruby, Sam/Meg!Demon.
rating: hard R
word count: 671
spoilers/warnings: General spoilers for all aired episodes. Dark and a little icky.
note: This is what I write when I’m sick and can’t sleep, apparently. I don’t even know. I wish I knew.

summary: That little fallen angel on your shoulder.

She sidles up close and whispers against his cheek. )

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2008-12-02 05:33 am

fic: Halo in Water (Supernatural; Ruby/Dean - NC-17)

title: halo in water
rating: NC-17
characters/pairing: Dean/Ruby, implied Sam/Dean
word count: 1406
spoilers: through 4.10
warnings: quite dark
summary: “You watched,” he says softly, somewhere behind her, away from the wall where she’s leaning. “You were there in the gallery when I was—racked, and you watched.”

watch me drill holes in my head )
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2008-11-14 04:25 am

Fic: Black (Supernatural; Ruby - PG)

Title: Black
Word count: 5x100
Character: Ruby
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 3.09 and 4.09 specifically, general through 4.09
"I know what it's like to lose someone." London, 1655.

Her cat went first. )
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2008-10-18 07:35 pm

Fic: No hero in her sky (Supernatural; PG-13 - Jess, assorted demons)

Title: No hero in her sky
Word count: 10x100
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen
Characters: Jess, Azazel, John, assorted other demons (including Meg!demon, Crossroads demon, and Lilith)
Spoilers: Through 4.03
Warnings: Jess in Hell?
Summary: A soul in Hell’s just meat in the frying pan, and it doesn’t take that long ‘til it’s done. Season 2 in Hell.

can't take my eyes off of you )
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2008-10-05 03:16 am

Fic: good things happen in bad towns (Supernatural; R - Sam/Ruby)

Title: good things happen in bad towns
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Ruby
Word count: 10x100
Rating: R
Spoilers: definitely 4.01
Notes: Blame [livejournal.com profile] pyrebi. Title from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Summary: Ruby's summer of Sam.

any way you want it )