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The only notable point here is that Sowers continues to look like some kind of movie subplot where an awkward kid is forced to play baseball by bullies and ends up pulling at his uniform all the time. I'm not sure how that movie ends but it probably involves an animal saving Sowers. No animals appeared tonight and Sowers most assuredly does not have good baseball face.

from here in re: the Indians' appalling 13-3 loss to the Red Sox on Thursday.
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Okay, after today? The Indians and I are not on speaking terms. Sure, they're all sweet talk, with the decent starting pitching, and they're certainly pretty in their baseball pants, but that bullpen? That bullpen is like getting beaten for burning dinner, okay? I BROKE UP WITH LOST FOR LESS, CLEVELAND INDIANS, OKAY? WE ARE DONE.

That is all.

Hopefully I'm not makin' another one of these on Thursday night after SPN. Or next Thursday, for that matter.
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My air conditioner in my room is SCREAMING. Please, don't let it be the motor going bad. I don't want to have to put in a maintenance request, wait a week, have to clear everything away from the wall where that window is, have maintenance guys tromping through my room whenever they please.

I hate that period of a few days where my legs are stubbly but the hair is still to short to wax again. It's finally gorgeous here and I have to wear jeans. Laaaaame.

I seem to have somehow strained my right elbow area. It's especially the triceps, but it hurts on the ulnar side of the joint, too, so I don't know. It hurts to extend my arm (flexing doesn't hurt at all, of course). This is making typing somewhat difficult.

I'm actually pretty excited about Heroes tonight. I'm totally unspoiled except for spoiler! ). Nathan has really grown on me this volume and I don't want him to die... but then again, he almost dies at the end of like every season, so whatever. It's the Heroes way to nearly kill Nathan Petrelli.

Anyway, back to writing. If I didn't have an exam in my 3 o'clock on Wednesday, I would skip the class today (haven't missed yet this quarter). *buckles down*
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The AL SS market is thin. I didn't want to vote for the Fat Shortstop, but nobody else fondles my trigger, either, so. Yeah.

I'm also thinking, careful, self, your Indians/Brewers/Rays/Dodgers biases are showing.
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Apparently it's taken until my junior year, but the liberal, environmentalist academia thing is really eating my brain. Going to a lecture tonight about carcinogens and the plastics/chemical industry (the Ohio River Valley is a huge chemical plant center). Not eating meat anymore if I don't know where it came from-- so luckily we have a farmer's market here that has local vendors who can certify that yes, they humanely raised that creature and butchered it themselves.

I think it comes from learning my rheumatoid arthritis is probably caused by the fact American society is too sterile and clean and obsessed with antibacterial stuff, leading to my bored and underworked immune system attacking my own joints, and that my menarche at nine years old is possibly the result of synthetic estrogens leaching from plastic baby bottles because my mother couldn't breastfeed... I need to do more research, but I think I'm going to do my 10-page research term paper for my History of Public Health Disasters class on the former topic.

And of course it's an icky, rainy day, so every joint in my body aches like hell. The knuckles in my hands are all swollen and stiff. God damnit, I'm twenty years old! This is ridiculous!

Onto happier stuff:

Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] static_pixie!

Welcome new friends [livejournal.com profile] matty_parkman, [livejournal.com profile] ineffort, and [livejournal.com profile] morbidmuse!

And a J2 rec:

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And each time, with each touch that means more than it did before— before this, Jensen thinks, now there is this to lose.

I'm writing a scene in Deadsville/my Big Bang right now that's a lot like the argument/miscommunication the boys have in this, but it ends much happier here! :) This fic is a lovely little slice, but that line that doubles as the summary goes right to my gut and the places under my eyes that get hot when I want to cry. Go read it!


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