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I'm watching the Indians game. We have a pitcher named Jensen Lewis, right? The play-by-play guy and the color commentary guy have the following conversation (paraphrased):

Matt Underwood: And Lewis comes in, puts down the side one-two-three. It's good to see Jensen have a good outing like this, especially from this bullpen.

Rick Manning: Yeah, but this team really needed more than four innings out of Jared... Jeremy Sowers.

Me: ...really, guys? (pause) Really, Victoria? That's where your mind goes.

IN SUMMATION: I need more baseball AU in my life.
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Dear [livejournal.com profile] caruso,

The fact I've spent the last two hours reading baseball slash is ALL YOUR FAULT. You and your recs post and me being tired of Supernatural fic... this is not on, okay?


ETA: Ben Broussard/Ryan Garko? What is this fuckery.
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The only notable point here is that Sowers continues to look like some kind of movie subplot where an awkward kid is forced to play baseball by bullies and ends up pulling at his uniform all the time. I'm not sure how that movie ends but it probably involves an animal saving Sowers. No animals appeared tonight and Sowers most assuredly does not have good baseball face.

from here in re: the Indians' appalling 13-3 loss to the Red Sox on Thursday.
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Okay, after today? The Indians and I are not on speaking terms. Sure, they're all sweet talk, with the decent starting pitching, and they're certainly pretty in their baseball pants, but that bullpen? That bullpen is like getting beaten for burning dinner, okay? I BROKE UP WITH LOST FOR LESS, CLEVELAND INDIANS, OKAY? WE ARE DONE.

That is all.

Hopefully I'm not makin' another one of these on Thursday night after SPN. Or next Thursday, for that matter.
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The AL SS market is thin. I didn't want to vote for the Fat Shortstop, but nobody else fondles my trigger, either, so. Yeah.

I'm also thinking, careful, self, your Indians/Brewers/Rays/Dodgers biases are showing.
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So.... much... flist... to... go... through. Oh my god. It just seems like half the people are STILL bitching about the "crazy tinhatters" being, you know, crazy, and the pro-girlfriend people being, like, "STFU HATERS" and I'm sorry, add in the Misha love and I am not seeing how this is ANY DIFFERENT from any other weekend, except there's more video than usual. And sure, it's pretty freakin' hilarious video, some of it, but I'm kind of meh, give me more Dollhouse and Heroes episodes like 1961 and stop talking about goddamn Jensen Ackles, please.

Like, I'm using my "Future!Peter is a badass" icon because that's how I feel about everything I'm seeing (and also because fuck you, I have loved Milo Ventimiglia since the first time Jess Mariano tried to steal Lorelai's beer, and future!Peter? Badass). No, seriously. I have unpopular opinions, I guess.

I'm about to just say fuck it and apologize that I'm just not up to the task of wading through it. I suck, I know. I don't even have a big flist (like, at all), and it's ONE WEEKEND, not to mention that, as far as I can tell, it's been pretty quiet since everyone's working on BigBang and finishing up [livejournal.com profile] j2_everafter.

cut for WHINE )

Oh, and FUCK YOU, UMPIRING CREW. And fuck you, too, jerkoffs in the media who're trying to blame Trevor Crowe for the fan interference on the fucking ruled-as-a-HR-anyway-so-why-are-the-NY-people-still-whining-about-it thing. (Yes, this paragraph was so I could use my Trevor Crowe tag. I need a Crowe icon.)

ANYWAY. Here, ask me questions and flatter my ego. Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] dragynflies (whose fic tag I STILL have open in one tab and haven't gotten to yet, and it's been like a week and a half and I feel awful, I'm so behind on everything):

Ask me a question about one of my fanfictions. It can be absolutely anything in any fic and I will tell you the honest-to-god answer. Don’t hold back. Ask about major upcoming plot points if you want to. Whatever you ask, I have to answer truthfully.
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Bones - Mayhem on the Cross spoilers )

And the Indians are having a lovely afternoon against that darling Joba, so I'm happy. I mean yeah, he really helped them out, with the five walks and all, and it's only the 5th inning, but at this moment in time, I'm happy.

Pic from yesterday, the baserunners celebrating after Sizemore's grand slam in the 7th (left to right, not counting Sizemore, whose name you can see: Kelly Shoppach, Trevor Crowe, and Ben Francisco):

Trying to find a better picture of Crowe so you can see how pretty he is, but I think he's just too fresh from the minors. I mean, even the Akron Beacon Journal doesn't have pictures from when he was an Aero, so... yeah. But he's pretty.

Still need to watch last night's Southland, too. I'm going to wait until the game is over, but I'm really excited about this show. I love Ben McKenzie, maybe spoilers for the pilot last week ) And Regina King. Okay, so I just really, really liked the show, okay?

Aaaand just checked the flist and--I know this must be SHOCKING to EVERYONE, but bear with me--but SPN fandom is wanking about something? OMG, SINCE WHEN? WTF?


Jesus Christ, people, it was posted at [livejournal.com profile] dean_sam. THAT IS NOT A LEGIT PLACE TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING, REMEMBER? Keep on keeping on, J2 people. Keep on keeping on, non-J2 people. NEVER, EVER change, Supernatural fandom.
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It's now 10-1 Indians. In the new Stadium's inaugural game. The Debbie Downer Cleveland sports fan in me is screaming that I shouldn't celebrate yet, but... EEEEEE!
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Trevor Crowe is seriously pretty. As in, can we go back a batter and stare at him some more, please? Because Grady doesn't do it for me.

Also: good job, Cliff Lee, getting through two without giving up a run! You're improving!

We're not talking about the Yankees' fat pitcher, though.


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